Meet Our People

With you every step of the way….

Every member of HiAdvance plays an integral part in quality assurance and is held responsible and accountable for the quality of their work. HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated offers you to reach, range and financial strength of a high quality, international network of laboratories with local service right on your doorstep from quotation to final result.


Believe in total response to our clients; Quality customer service is our top priority.
• Accomplishes relationship
• Provides clear, easy to understand quotations produced and delivered to you via email or fax.
• Handles exhibits, environmental education program and environmental events.


Understands our client’s individual project requirements
• Coordinate and Manages your project, Monitoring its progress through the laboratory
• Organizes sampling Schedule
• Accomplishes strategic deliverables, accountable for reports and routine communication.


The provision of precise, accurate and reliable data is the prime objective of HiAdvance
• Organizes Ambient Air Monitoring, Source Emission Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing


Regardless of the project type, clients can be sure their samples are being analyzed under a rigorous quality system and by a team that understands and uses the most up-to-date techniques and instrumentation.
• Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons • SH C6C9BTEX-Oxygenates
• Volatile Organic Compound • SH-TPH-DEXT
• Hydrocarbon Fingerprint • Pesticides
• Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) • Benzo(a)pyrene


With the increasing awareness of the need to protect the environment, HiAdvance has a well-established Department to assist its client with their environmental compliance, concerns and requirement.
• pH • Color • Biochemical Oxygen Demand • DO • Chemical Oxygen Demand (Open Reflux)
• Chemical Oxygen Demand (Closed Reflux) • Chlorides • Total/Magnesium Hardness • Calcium Hardness • Alkalinity potentiometric • Alkalinity methyl orange • Acidity • Total Dissolved Solids • Total Suspended Solids • Total Solids • Settleable Solids • Volatile Suspended Solids • Nitrates Cd Reduction • Nitrate-Brucine • Nitrite-Nitrogen • Dissolved Silica • Total Phosporus • Ortho-Phospates • Hexavalent Chromium • Phenols • Ferrous Iron • Formaldehyde • MBAS • Sulfates • Sulfides • H2S • Ammonia • Conductivity • Residual Chlorine • Turbidity • Odor • MLVSS • MLSS • Salinity • Taste


The quality assurance program is the format which our laboratories can express their goals, policies and commitment toward the generation of data of the highest quality.
• Conduct Internal Audit in the laboratory such as system audits and method audits.
• Responsible for participation of the environmental laboratory in Proficiency Test studies as part of the quality system.
• Manages review data of all analysis after 1st and 2nd level reviewer.
• Manages review 10% of the completed analytical report of the lab.
• Conduct spot checking in all departments in the laboratory as part of everyday quality system.
• Monitor reports in the laboratory such as Corrective Action Report for any occurrences in the lab that need corrective action. Non-Conformance Report of any incident done in the lab. External non-conformance report raised by the clients.
• Manages revise SOP’s after conducting method verification, after recommendation from internal/external audit.
• Responsible for calibration and preventive maintenance of the equipment.
• Responsible for the update and filing of the training records, audits, Method Detection Lmit’s, PT Results, Certificate of analysis, calibration, control charts, and reports.


Has a vast array of reporting tools designed to monitor the laboratory’s internal process and identify bottlenecks in the system. Joining forces provides us with greater opportunities to fulfill our mission to provide quality service to our clients.