Physico Chemical Department

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Every member of HiAdvance plays an integral part in quality assurance and is held responsible and accountable for the quality of their work. HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated offers you to reach, range and financial strength of a high quality, international network of laboratories with local service right on your doorstep from quotation to final result.


With the increasing awareness of the need to protect the environment, HiAdvance has a well-established Department to assist its client with their environmental compliance, concerns and requirement.
• pH
• Color
• Biochemical Oxygen Demand
• DO
• Chemical Oxygen Demand (Open Reflux)
• Chemical Oxygen Demand (Closed Reflux)
• Chlorides
• Total/Magnesium Hardness
• Calcium Hardness
• Alkalinity potentiometric
• Alkalinity methyl orange
• Acidity
• Total Dissolved Solids
• Total Suspended Solids
• Total Solids
• Settleable Solids
• Volatile Suspended Solids
• Nitrates Cd Reduction

• Nitrate-Brucine
• Nitrite-Nitrogen
• Dissolved Silica
• Total Phosporus
• Ortho-Phospates
• Hexavalent Chromium
• Phenols
• Ferrous Iron
• Formaldehyde
• Sulfates
• Sulfides
• H2S
• Ammonia
• Conductivity
• Residual Chlorine
• Turbidity
• Odor
• Salinity
• Taste