Indurstries We Serve

Power Industry

HiAdvance Phils., Inc., analyzes Proficiency Test samples as required for accreditation and as outlined in the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources-Administrative Order (DAO) and National Environmental Accreditation Conference (NELAC). Our laboratory participates in the Proficiency Test Program whenever needed.

at each HiAdvance Network. It is administered by the Corporate Quality Assurane/Quality Control Officer. An external vendor is contracted to submit double blind samples to each HiAdvance Analytical Laboratory Network Group. The contractor objectively evaluates the performance of both customer service and test result accuracy. Findings are reported to the Corporate Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer and the HiAdvance Senior Management Team.

Quality and Reporting

Our analyses in the Philippines comply with the same quality management systems and the same standard operating procedures as do the analyses that we perform in the USA and elsewhere in Asia. The result is high-quality, scientifically and legally defensible data that fully support your engineering and regulatory decisions. Each of our analyses includes a full suite of quality control analyses and these are always included in a QC analysis section with each of our reports at no additional cost. Read More...