Substances that are without any safe commercial, industrial, agricultural or economic usage and are shipped, transported or brought from the country of origin for dumping or disposal into or in transit through any part of the territory of the Philippines.

shall also refer to by-products , side-products, process residues, spent reaction media, contaminated plant or equipment or other substances from manufacturing operations and as consumer discards of manufactured products which present unreasonable risk and/or injury to health and safety and to the environment.

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“Inert waste” means any waste that, when placed in a landfill is reasonably expected not to undergo any physical, chemical, and/or biological changes to such an extent as to cause pollution or hazard to public health and safety.

“Nuclear wastes” are hazardous wastes made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incidental to the production or utilization of nuclear fuels but does not include nuclear fuel, or radioisotopes which have reached the final stage of fabrication so as to be usable for any scientific, medical, agricultural, commercial, or industrial purpose.