WHEREAS, the pursuit of a comprehensive and integrated environmental protection program necessitates the establishment and institutionalization of a system whereby the exigencies of socio-economic undertakings can be reconciled with the requirements of environmental quality;

WHEREAS, the regulatory requirements of Environmental Impact Statement and Assessment instituted in pursuit of this national environmental protection program have to work into their full regulatory and procedural details in a manner consistent with the goals of the program.

All other projects, undertakings and areas not declared by the Presidents as environmentally critical shall be considered as non-critical and shall not be required to submit an environmental impact statement. The National Environmental Protection Council, thru the Ministry of Human Settlements may however require non-critical projects and undertakings to provide additional environmental safeguards as it may deem necessary.

Sample Storage & Disposal

All sample cooler temperatures are measured and recorded upon receipt in the laboratory. After completing the log-in process, samples are properly stored for thirty (30) days (from final reporting) before disposal. Extended storage may be arranged for a nominal fee. HiAdvance reserves the right to return hazardous samples (as defined by RCRA and /or contain greater than 500 ppm total PCBs, or 100 ppm PCP) to the client or to charge the cost of transport and disposal. HiAdvance reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for handling “on hold” samples that are received but not analyzed. Clients may have the option of having the samples returned or covering the costs of characterization and disposal of these samples.