Environmental Education Program

We strongly believe that through educating, we can raise people’s awareness and concern to our environment. This program was made for private and public sectors, regulators, and educational institutions wherein we conduct Free Seminars to sustain them information relevant to Environmental Management and other topics related to the environment.

– Environmental Education Program

– Bonifacio Global City Locators on Wastewater Management for Regulators of the area.

Environmental Activities

HiAdvance has its active involvement and support to a number of local & international green movements to show full support for better environment. We also encourage our employees to have their personal participation on such activities to lift up their spirit of environmentalism.

– Earth Hour (Annual worldwide movement for saving the earth)

Employee Health & Safety

HiAdvance promotes initiatives for the sustainment of the occupational safety and health management system. Internal and external trainings are provided for employees at no cost to promote healthy and safe working environment.

– Work Environment Measurement (WEM) Seminar

(Internal program made for every employee to support a safe and healthy workplace)

– Radiation Safety Course

(An external training on radiation protection aspect and practices for people who work with and operate equipment and devices with installed radioactive sources.)

Employee Engagement

We uphold a positive employee engagement with our people, as much as we want them to have a healthy relationship with each other and balance work into their personal lives. The management formulates regular programs and activities that would contribute to our Employee Engagement Goals.

Appreciating the Environment

We encourage our employees to explore the value of nature, as we appreciate the beauty that the natural world offers us, it’s only fair that we return the favor by reflecting the highest standard of Honesty and Integrity especially the environmental decision relies on the quality of Data.

– Team Building

(Annual activity made for employees to foster better and open communication within themselves.)

– Monthly Staff Meeting

(All employees are gathered together once a month to express their concerns & opinions for the organization and to their colleagues. )