Those to be produced in small quantities solely for experimental or research and development purposes;

Chemical substances and mixtures that will not present an unreasonable risk to health and the environment; and

Chemical substances and mixtures that exist temporarily and which have no human or environmental exposure such as those which exist as a result of chemical reactions in the manufacture or processing of a mixture of another chemical substance.

Meeting Project Schedules

From the analytical chemists to the dedicated project managers, all members of the professional staff are committed to providing the highest level of client service in the industry. By using tools such as turnaround time success indicators, continuous improvement processes, and client satisfaction surveys, HiAdvance Phils., Inc., systematically measures client service levels attained by the laboratory.

HiAdvance Phils., Inc., highest priority is to provide its clients with the right data, on time. Subsequently, the laboratory has developed a number of systems to meet project turnaround schedules and to track laboratory turnaround performance. Our systems include three types or levels of managements, each in place to support the other systems. Likewise, management has a vast array of reporting tools designed to monitor the laboratory’s internal process and identify bottlenecks in the system. While the laboratory is not always capable of meeting every requested due date, it is our practice to communicate with our client as much as possible to ensure that they are always informed of changes in the expected turnaround schedule.