As analytical laboratories respond to growing sensitivity about the safety and sustainability of our environment, and a more complex regulatory climate, real-time measurement, monitoring and reporting are becoming more critical than ever. The key to success is a robust and flexible information infrastructure that efficiently produces highly reliable, legally defensible, and easily accessible data.

From sample planning to the final report, LIMS provides a seamless process to manage samples, analyze data and report results. An intuitive task-based workflow closely matches the steps followed our laboratory. And a rich and relevant feature set is finely tuned for laboratories that test environmental related matrices.

By automating and streamlining sample management and analysis, and providing broader access to essential information, LIMS forms the backbone of information management system, serving a platform for improving and sustaining productivity and quality.


Automate and streamline sample management and reporting workflow to create an operational advantage and improve efficiency.


Leverage a cascading data model and centralized storage to gain greater access to operational and analytical data.


Embedded quality protocols increase data integrity and strengthen quality management and regulatory compliance.