Before any new chemical substances or mixture can be manufactured, processed or imported for the first time as determined by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the manufacturer, processor or importer shall submit the following information: the name of the chemical substances; its chemical identity and molecular structure; proposed categories of use; an estimate of the amount to be manufactured, processed or imported; processing and disposal thereof; and any test data related to health and environmental effects which the manufacturer, processor or importer has.

Those included in the categories of chemical substances and mixtures already listed in the inventory of existing chemicals;

Those to be produced in small quantities solely for experimental or research and development purposes;

Chemical substances and mixtures that will not present an unreasonable risk to health and the environment; and

Chemical substances and mixtures that exist temporarily and which have no human or environmental exposure such as those which exist as a result of chemical reactions in the manufacture or processing of a mixture of another chemical substance.

Client Service

HiAdvance believes in total response to our clients requirements. We provide technical resource in assisting with planning for environmental monitoring projects, and can consult with our clients at their location regarding report interpretation and also with sample collection, documentation, and preservation procedures. Further, for more sophisticated analyses, we can draw upon the resources of our US-based laboratories to provide a total solution for all our client’s analytical requirements.
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