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HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated offers a number of advantages to our clients. HiAdvance' technical expertise and experience working with a variety of environmental samples, combined with our ability to supply services on time and at competitive prices, are just a few of the factors responsible for our success.

Additionally, our network evaluates our turnaround performance on a weekly basis. We respond to turnaround time challenges in a variety of ways. For example, we may add or redistribute staff and instruments. We also may respond by conducting further staff training sessions. In short, we make whatever adjustments are necessary in order to meet the demands of each individual project. Due to our financial stability and independence from parent organizations, this redistribution of resources can take place very quickly, without the burden of gaining approval from outside investors or a board of directors. In summary, we provide:

• Duplicity of instrumentation offering vast backup capabilities.
• Multiple locations providing sample custody, integrity, and safety.
• Multiple locations providing complimentary and timely delivery of sample kits.
• Full analytical support from a wealth experienced technical staff.
• Fixed laboratory capabilities throughout the United States and Asia Pacific.
• On-site mobile laboratories for remote locations and real-time turnaround requirements.
• Financially stable and fully insured laboratories.
• Quick response to need for capacity gained only from independent ownership.
• Electronic Data Deliverables: accurate, accessible report data available in a variety of formats.

The provision of precise, accurate, and reliable data is the prime objective of the company. To deliver data in a user friendly and timely manner is implicit to our philosophy. Our clients' needs are many and varied, and we believe that meeting their needs in all aspects, we will help our clients to ensure continued success. And this will sustain HiAdvance successful growth.



HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated analyzes Proficiency Test samples as required for accreditation and as outlined in the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources-Administrative Order (DAO) and National Environmental Accreditation Conference (NELAC). Our laboratory participates in the Proficiency Test Program whenever needed.



An extensive double-blind performance program is conducted annually at each HiAdvance Network. It is administered by the Corporate Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer. An external vendor is contracted to submit double blind samples to each HiAdvance Analytical Laboratory Network Group. The contractor objectively evaluates the performance of both customer service and test result accuracy. Findings are reported to the Corporate Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer and the HiAdvance Senior Management Team.



HiAdvance- Pace Analytical is united under a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program documented in the Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) that guides all operations and management of the laboratories. Our QAM meets the requirements of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC), the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. A copy of our current QAM can be made available for review.




All unit pricing in this document is based on the standard HiAdvance report. Our standard deliverable definitive data including batch QC. HiAdvance offers many different deliverables options-both hardcopy and electronic.



All information regarding our clients, their projects and associated data are considered confidential and will not be released without direct authorization from our client. Written permission for any third party reporting must be provided prior to the release of any data unless compelled by order of a court or regulatory body of competent jurisdiction.
Clients should not disclose any information concerning HiAdvance procedures (SOPs), policies, and technical information or software programs without prior laboratory permission.


“HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated has developed a range of capabilities that ensures the quality of analysis and service is maintained every step of the way.”
“We understand that the integrity of results begins with the process of sample collection and transport to the laboratory and ends with the provision of data.”
“HiAdvance was able to provide a unique, vertically integrated and environmental compliance package to meet your needs and ensure quality data.”