HiAdvance laboratories have been providing environmental sampling and analysis services in Asia for more than 20 years. By unifying our facilities and operations located in six countries across Asia and the Middle East.


By having the “Blue Shield” mark in your establishment,
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HiAdvance Philippines Incorporated offers a number of advantages to our clients. HiAdvance’ technical expertise and experience working with a variety of environmental samples, combined with our ability to supply services on time and at competitive prices, are just a few of the factors responsible for our success.

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Our Services

Water Sampling and Analysis

Our Laboratory offers extensive and specialized capabilites from routine and specialty testing services for drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, marine water or potable and non-potable water. Results are compared against water quality standards in PNSDW (Philippine Drinking National Standards for Drinking Water) and RA 9275 (Philippine Clean Water Act) regulations and guidelines to determine its use and/or the treatment required to make the water suitable for its intended usage.

Noise Level Monitoring

Noise or sound level monitoring or measurement is a process to measure the magnitude of Noise in industries and residential area. Data collected from Noise level monitoring & Testing helps us to understand trends and action can be taken to reduce noise pollution.






Vibration Monitoring

Ambient Vibration is the recording, evaluation and interpretation of the vibration behavior of a structure under ambient influences without artificial excitation. Noise Monitoring is also included in this report.







Ambient Air Monitoring

Some human activities can cause changes in the chemical composition of the air through the release of chemical and industrial pollutants into the atmosphere. Air pollutants may include gases or particulate matter, which are small particles of dust, smoke, ash, pollen, and other substances. Most of these pollutants are known to be harmful to human health.


Stack Emission Testing

Stack emission testing is a process to measure emission of industrial waste or pollutants emitted into atmosphere. The pollutants emitted from stack can be solid, gaseous, liquid organic or inorganic.





Asbestos Fiber Identification and Counting

Asbestos are extremely durable and resistant to fire and most chemical reactions and breakdowns that’s why it is considered as an “ideal substance”. But nowadays, this material has being banned all over the countries for its hazardous effect on human health. Even a small particle of asbestos when inhaled can cause asbestosis and scarring of the lungs.

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